How to Build Coil on Dead Rabbit R Tank?

Dead Rabbit R Tank is a unique mesh rebuildable tank that you can build mesh coil by yourself.

Dead Rabbit R Tank - Coil Building

Usually, a beginner who start to build coil for rebuildable atomizer may meet some problems: How many tools I should prepare to make a coil? How to make a good coil with heating wire? What is the best resistance? What is the right amount of cotton?

The Dead Rabbit R Coil is for Dead Rabbit R Tank, which is friendly for beginners and provides you superior flavors. There are 5pcs cotton strip and 5pcs 0.2Ω KA1 meshed coil included in Dead Rabbit R Tank’s package.

Dead Rabbit R Coil - With DIY Fun

How to build Dead Rabbit R Coil? It can be totally divided into 3 steps:

  1. Place cotton, meshed coil and tool
  2. Wrap the cotton and insert into the deck
  3. Tighten the screws and cut off the excess cotton

And here in following we will show in more detail how to operate and what needs to be paid attention to.

1. Pull off the build deck counterclockwise

2. Adjust the airflow ring and unscrew the two screws

 Adjust the airflow ring

3. Place the the meshed coil, cotton and coil building tool

place meshed coil, cotton and coil building tool


a. Make sure the gap of cotton is in the upper left corner

Build Dead Rabbit R Tank - place the the meshed coil

b. Center the meshed coil upon the cotton (the flat side of the mesh is toward the cotton)

Build Dead Rabbit R Tank - center the mesh coil

4. Wrap the mesh-and-cotton around the coil building tool

cotton edges parallel


Make sure the cotton edges are parallel

5. Install the meshed coil to the deck and align the mesh legs with the slot cut on the deck

align the mesh legs


a. Pinch the wrapping cotton tightly

b. No mesh legs cross

No mesh legs crossNo mesh legs cross

6. Use a screwdriver to trim the edgesof cottonand tighten the screws

tighten the screws


The cotton edges are parallel after installation

cotton edges parallel

7. Cut off the excess cotton and tidy it up

cut excess cotton


a. Do not pull out the coil building tool

keep the coil tool

b. Against the tool tightly to cut so there won’t have too much cotton

make sure to cut excess cotton

c. Make sure there is no gap between the cotton and deck

no gap between the cotton and deck

8. Pull the coil building tool and place back the chamber. Pay attention to align the gap

place back the chamber


Make sure to match the notch on the deck and chamber

The simple operation of Dead Rabbit R Coil allows many novices to quickly build a meshed coil. Not only can experience the fun of DIY, but also reduce the confusion of making coils.

We also have a video tutorial:

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