Dead Rabbit R Tank Preview

Dead Rabbit R Tank, a new member of Dead Rabbit family, is a unique mesh rebuildable tank that is an vape atomizer between sub ohm tank and RTA. It is Hellvape’s first vape atomizer that you can build meshed coil by yourself.

The design concept of Dead Rabbit series is simple to use and superior flavor. Inherited from predecessor, Dead Rabbit R is friendly to beginners who start to build coil for rebuildable atomizers due to its special build deck design.

It comes with a 25.5mm diameter deck, having both straight glass tube 5mL and bubble glass tube 6.5mL.

dead rabbit r tank preview

Exploded View

dead rabbit r tank preview - exploded view


Size: 25.5mm*51mm

Capacity: 2mL (TPD)/5mL/6.5mL

Coil: 0.2Ω Meshed Fe-Cr Coil

Recommended Power: 50-60W

Drip Tip: 510

Net Weight: 64g

Air Holes: 3 x 10mm

Thread: Gold-plated 510

Body Material: SUS304

Build Quality

Dead Rabbit R Tank is constructed from high quality SUS304 and good in machining. It is measured in 25.5mm diameter and 51mm height (including a 510 drip tip), compatible with almost vape mods. The slim design will fit the mods to be a solid set up.

 dead rabbit r tank preview - build quality

There are 3 capacity for option: 2mL for TPD version only, 5mL with straight glass tube and 6.5mL with bubble glass tube. The bubble glass tube is an extra accessory in package so you can replace straight one for larger capacity.

dead rabbit r tank preview - 2 eliquid capacity

To inherit from Dead Rabbit family, Dead Rabbit R features Celtic Knot on both the top cap and airflow ring. Not only for design, but also make turning the top cap and airflow adjustment easier. The Dead Rabbit logo and ‘Dead Rabbit’ is curved on the body and name ‘R Tank’ on the chamber. A Hellvape logo is on the bottom.

Multiple Colors for Option

dead rabbit r tank preview - 7 colors available

There are 7 colors available: Matte Black, Matte Full Black, Gunmetal, SS, Rainbow, Gold and Blue. The several colors will match your style perfectly. As you can see the below, the difference between Matte Black and Matte Full Black is the color of ‘Dead Rabbit’ logo.

Build Deck and Wicking

The Dead Rabbit R Tank is actually a rebuildable atomizer, but it is a new type one. For traditional RTA, there is a build deck with different post, supporting single coil, dual coils or more. You can build heating wire or mesh coil then install on deck. But it has disadvantage for beginners. They may do not have a good knowledge to build coil and wick, then it will cause some issues such as leakage and dry hit.

dead rabbit r tank preview - build deck

As a new mesh rebuildable tank, it is easy mastered and simple to complete the building. And the package consist 5pcs cotton stripe and 5pcs meshed coil with resistance 0.2Ω. And there has a coil building tool included in that will help you to build it.

dead rabbit r tank preview - dead rbbit r coil

It is only 3 steps and cost 15s to complete the coil building.

  1. Place cotton, mesh and tool
  2. Wrap the cotton and insert into the deck
  3. Tighten the screws and cut off the excess cotton

dead rabbit r tank preview - coil building steps 

Dead Rabbit R Coil - Save Your Money

Compared to stock coil, Dead Rabbit R Coil has longer life span.

The life span of each Dead Rabbit R Coil was tested above 50mL. It means one box of coils can meet your needs for two months if you vape 2 tanks of e-liquid (10ml) per day.

dead rabbit r tank preview - save your money 

Airflow System

Dead Rabbit R Tank comes with a bottom adjustable airflow. The airflow ring is designed with Celtic Knots for easy adjustment. There are two air holes with size 1.3x10x2mm side-by-side and deliver air going through the mesh coil, providing you superior vaping flavors.

dead rabbit r tank preview - airflow

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