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Arez 120 Mod Review-A Unibody Mod
HELLVAPE / Apr, 20 2021

Arez 120 Mod is the first variable voltage (VW) box mod by Hellvape, which is designed as a UNIBODY mod with compact size and high quality. Powered by single battery, the maximum output power reaches to 120W, offering you powerful vaping experience. It is constructed from aluminum alloy and stainless steel with long life and strength.

Hellvape Arez 120 Mod

A Unibody Mod

Arez 120 Vape Mod utilizes the UNIBODY technology that is engraved by CNC machine from a single block of metal. The CNC machine provide highly accurate movements to give vapers perfect details and comfortable hand feeling.

Hellvape Arez 120 Mod - A Unibody Mod

After several exquisite processes, all Hellvape wants to present to Hellvapers is a lighter and thinner, solider and more durable vape box mod. Due to the advanced technology, Arez 120 Mod has none structural cracks. It is exquisite workmanship with 2 precision polishing and 0.1-0.3mm superfine glass sandblasting.

Arez 120 Mod with Exquisite Workmanship

Exploded View

Arez 120 Box Mod - Exploded View

Lightweight and Portable Size

Measured 83mm by 43mm by 26mm, Arez 120 Mod has a tiny size, whose dimension is similar to box mods powered by single 18650 battery. It is Meanwhile, Arez 120 Mod is ONLY 100g and the  thinnest is only 0.8mm.

Arez 120 Mod with Portable Size

Battery & Charging

Powered by single 21700, 20700 or 18650 (with 18650 adapter included) battery, Arez 120 Mod supports power range from 5W to 120W.

If choosing the 18650 battery, the max output power can be reached to 80W; for 20700 battery, it can be reached to 100W; for 21700 battery, it can be reached to 120W.

It accepts Type-C for fast charging with 2A output current.

Arez 120 Mod - Compatible with 21700/20700/18650 battery

Friendly User Interface - Less is More

The 0.96inch display screen shows more vaping information to you, including output wattage, tank resistance, output voltage, puff account and battery capacity. Arez 120 vape mod is designed to be more friendly and simple.

There are 7 colors background available and just press the “+” and “-” button at the same time to choose what you like.

Friendly user interface


There are 3 colors for option: Gun Metal, Matte Black and Blackish Green.

Arez 120 Mod with 3 colors


There are 3 editions for Arez 120 Mod, including standard edition, TPD edition and German edition. German edition named Aera 120 Mod is only for Germany.

Arez 120 Mod - package

If you want to know how a unibody mod presented? Check below video and it will show you more details:

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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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